Eduard Mkrtchan

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, investment expert

Eduard Mkrtchan was born on May 25, 1994 in the city of Armavir. At the age of three, he and his family moved to Donetsk. In 2012-2014, he studied at the Faculty of Economics and International Relations at the National Technical University of Ukraine. Worked on a free schedule, combining studies with work at the Kramatorsk Ferroalloy Plant.

After the start of the war in 2014, the house where the Mkrtchan family lived in Donetsk was captured by a pro-Russian paramilitary group. Eduard, together with his father, transported the young brother and sister to the family home in Armavir.
For the next three years, Eduard was in this city, taking care of his younger brother and sister and having a temporary residence permit. Transferred from the National Technical University to Moscow State University, where in 2017 he received a bachelor’s degree in international economics.

In 2018, he returned to Ukraine, where he implemented a number of investment projects in the field of alternative energy. He is currently studying for a master’s program at NAU.

Rafael Mkrtchan

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Aram Mkrtchan

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