We continue the “Warm Ukraine” project!

2022-11-16, 11:22

The Mkrtchan Brothers Charitable Fund initiates and starts the project “Heat Ukraine” – this is a project to help city residents during the heating season through the production and installation of gas stoves.

Fundraising for the production of 6,000 stoves has already been announced. They will be manufactured by our company KFZ.

Our initiative has already been supported by citizens and charitable organizations from all over Ukraine. More than 3 million hryvnias have been collected for production and the collection continues. As of October 23, 1,200 stoves have already been manufactured.

Currently, tens of thousands of people remain in the city. Many of the immigrants have relatives in the city. There are many lonely, elderly people. We ask you to support our initiative. Not necessarily with money. You can write your review in the comments or make a repost through the website or on the fund’s Facebook page.

Specialists have been working for more than a month to help citizens during the heating season. These stoves will be useful to residents of Donetsk region in the cold season.

You can get details for donations and support the project here.